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Acrylic – Thermodformable polymer. The technical name is PMMA and is commonly referred to as plastic

All Metal Hatch – Openable metal hatchway fitted into roof covering to allow roof access and egress

AS2959-2009 Australian Standard AS3959 – Construction of Buildings in Bushfire Prone Areas

Australian Standard – Generally refers to publications as issued by Standards Australia

BCA  - Abbreviation for Building Code of Australia

Base Assembly – Refers to the roof interface assembly of a skylight

Bushfire Prone Area – As defined in AS3959 or local government town planning schemes

Diffuser – The panel at the base of a skylight shaft used to spread natural light over the area below. 

Dome – Moulded polymer external glazing of a skylight

Dome Trims – Strips or rings retaining dome to skylight base

Flashing – Waterproofing method around the skylight that maintains the overall watertightness of the roof

Flashing Base – See ‘Flashing’

Flexible Light Shaft – Generic term used for reflective skylight shaft material

Glazing – Refers to the translucent element to allow light entry.

Hob – A raised structure above the roof line to accommodate a roof penetration with adequate flashing

Light Shaft - The portion of a skylight installation that connects the throat underside of the skylight to the ceiling material. The primary function of light shafts are to channel the light made available by the skylight, into the living areas, through the void of the ceiling space

Metal Deck – A metal roof characterized by flat pans and ribs

Opal – Generic reference to white opaque translucent coloured materials

Polished Aluminium Light Shaft – Used in tubular skylights, to provide high specular reflectance where required.

Polycarbonate – Thermo plastic polymer sheet, extremely high impact and light weight 

Polymer – Any of numerous natural and synthetic compounds 

Prismatic – Generic term given to translucent sheet materials with compound prisms to maximise light distribution

Roof light – Another term for skylight

Roof Pitch – Otherwise referred to as the fall in the roof, as measured in degrees

Roof Window – Generic term for a flat glazed skylight in either operable or fixed form

Shaft – The portion of a skylight installation that connects the throat underside of the skylight to the ceiling material

SIA – Abbreviation of Skylight Industry Association (Incorporated)

Skylight – Factory glazed assembly for the transmission of natural light

Throat size – Daylight aperture (opening) below a skylight glazing

UV Resistance – The ability of a material to resist damage due to ultra violet light