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Steel Deck Tubelight (Kerb Style Overflashing)

Steel Deck Tubelights are generally used for flat roofs where a hob or kerb has been supplied by the builder, or is intended to be built. They are suitable for kerbs constructed out of steel, concrete or timber. Please refer to the installation guide for differing kerb types. Sold as a kit containing everything you need to bring natural light into your living spaces, they are ideal for the tradesman and handyman alike.

Kits are complete with:

  • HI-Impact acrylic dome fixed to a kerb style metal base
  • 1.5m of highly reflective, U.V. resistant, reinforced flexilight skylight shaft
  • Circular ceiling trim and diffuser
  • Available as vented or non-vented

Regent Non-Vented BFA Tubelights comply with AS3959 requirements for Bushfire areas up to and including BAL 19. They will also comply with BAL 29 requirements if roof pitch is 18° or greater. Fire Dampers for 400mm Tubelights are available as an accessory for fire rated installations.

Standard skylights are constructed with a Zincalume® base and a high impact (prismatic) dome. Bases can be colour matched to your nominated Colorbond colour. Fabricated bases are available (in stainless steel, aluminium, copper and galvanised) to meet individual customer requirements. Domes can also be manufactured from standard acrylic and polycarbonate, in clear, opal or tint finishes.

More Information (PDF)